Friday, April 27, 2012

Pirate 101

Kingsile has just announced their new game Pirate 101!

Pirate 101 is a very interesting game, with lots of different ideas in one. I'm gonna go over as many of those as possible in this post.

Pirate 101 is set in the spiral, just at a different time and a different area.

In Pirate 101, you can own and customize a ship that you can use to fly to different worlds and even have ship on ship battles.

There is still a class mechanic in pirate101, consisting of:


Each class has strength's and weaknesses. Choose your class wisely!

Currently,  Pirate 101 has three worlds. Valencia, home to the armada, Monquista, home of the monkeys, and lastly skull island, the home of pirates.

One thing that Pirate 101 brings that I'm sure all of you will enjoy is the introduction of Crews and Companions.
Now you can join crews and help fellow crew members with a tough fight or battle.

Companions are a lot like wizard101's pets. You can train them, and meet them through quests. They also have their own special fighting styles and special moves, which can be a great asset in a battle.

Pirate 101 is starting it's closed beta soon, so sign up or log in for a chance to play!

What is in this post is only a small amount of knowledge about Pirate101. See the rest at

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